Winterization Screens

Winterization is quite often required for industrial cooling equipment, components and instruments to prevent the damaging effects of high wind, low ambient temperatures, and icing conditions. Failure to protect against low ambient temperatures can cause both operational and production problems. Extreme conditions can result in structural damage to the equipment. Galebreaker manufacture and install both customized fixed and rolling systems that can fit to your existing structure.

Ice Tower


  • Prevents damage to industrial equipment
  • Improves thermal performance throughout the year in all conditions
  • Complete seasonal weather protection
  • Temporary and permanent solutions
  • Up to 70 meters wide (230ft) and 5 meters high (16ft)
  • Manual or automatic systems
  • Standard and extreme saline specifications
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Minimal additional steelwork required
  • Fast return on investment as it reduces fill and structural damage

Air cooled equipment uses ambient air to cool a process or system by transferring the heat across a very efficient heat transfer surface into the surrounding environment; simple and effective. Typically the medium used to cool the system or process will be water mixed with some antifreeze to prevent freezing in the colder months. However in extreme climates where the temperature can fall to -30°C and below then even the antifreeze additive may not be enough.

The Solution

Using Galebreaker’s compact tube mounted motorised rolling door connected to a temperature probe in the circulating fluid, solid rolling doors automatically deploy to protect the coils from the effects of freezing winds, removing the risk of freezing. Fitting these automated doors to the unit is a simple case of installing customized brackets and runners to the air cooler frame. The final result looks as if it was designed to be there all along. The system includes manual overrides for use in in the event of power failure.