Winterization Screens


Example Installation: A Power Plant in the Chicago Area

This power plant had a counter-flow cooling tower which, when inspected, had excessive icing which was degrading performance and causing damage to the wooden structural members. As a temporary fix the customer had installed tarps to keep the heat in the tower and melt the ice but these had to be removed and reinstalled each year.

Galebreaker supplied a permanent retractable winterization screen solution which can be deployed in the winter and retracted in the summer. The project was a huge success with immediate benefits to the customer: the cost to install and remove temporary tarps was eliminated; with temperatures well below freezing the ice was removed on the structures at the air inlet; performance was improved; no damage to mechanical equipment; complete seasonal protection with quick and easy operation.


  • Prevents damage to industrial equipment
  • Improves thermal performance throughout the year in all conditions
  • Temporary and permanent solutions for complete seasonal weather protection
  • Manual or automatic systems up to 70 meters wide (230ft) and 6 meters high (20ft)
  • Standard and extreme saline specifications
  • Easy and fast installation, minimal additional steelwork required
  • Cost effective, fast return on investment
  • Reduces structural damage

Winterization is often required for industrial cooling equipment, components and instruments to prevent the damaging effects of high wind, low ambient temperatures, and icing conditions. Failure to protect against low ambient temperatures can cause both operational and production problems. Extreme conditions can result in structural damage to the equipment. Galebreaker manufacture and install both customized fixed and rolling systems that can fit to your existing structure.

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