Recirculation Screens

A very common problem in both petrochemical and power generation plants is the recirculation of existing saturated air into the same or nearby cooling tower. Towers are often placed in close proximity because of lack of real estate and the result, due to the prevailing winds is recirculation, and/or interference. Galebreaker can offer a CFD modelling service of your existing cooling tower system and the surrounding area, and recommend wind screen solutions to prevent or significantly reduce recirculation, thus resulting in an increase in overall plant performance. The result is oftenvery little de-rate of the unit.


  • Reduces the need for de-rate
  • Improved thermal performance throughout the year in all conditions
  • Temporary and permanent solutions
  • Up to 70 meters wide (230ft) and 5 meters high (16ft)
  • Manual or automatic systems
  • Standard and extreme saline specifications