The Fore River Power Plant is a combined cycle power plant rated at approximately 800 MW with two gas turbines and one steam turbine. The power plant went in service in 2003 and is now owned by Calpine a large IPP. A 36 module ACC arranged with 9 streets and 4 rows condenses the steam.

Discussions regarding wind effects on performance started in the spring of 2017. Galebreaker provided all of its services on this project which included a field survey, CFD analysis of performance and wind conditions, structural verification, design drawings, and material and technical support of the installing contractor. This project had several complications including; one long side on the edge of the river with no space for access, a large elevated steam duct with its own structural support, cable trays running near the top of the inlet on the steam duct side, an active road underneath, condensate tanks and open fire water pits with fencing restricting screen installation. The structural analysis dictated changes in size and mesh density and the windward side was occupied by the steam duct which prevented optimal screen placement. Despite these obstacles, 33 screens were installed in 16 days as planned.