Blackstone Energy Project – Blackstone, Massachusetts


The photograph shows the Galebreaker windscreens installed on two sides of one unit which is on the prevailing wind side for the purpose of reducing mechanical issues.


This power station has two units with ACCs supplied by Balcke Duerr. The ACC is configured as a 3 street by 5 rows.

Specific Problems

The ACCs were designed in 1999. The most westerly unit, which faces the prevailing wind, was experiencing an abnormal number of problems to the mechanical drive system. Dynegy (now Vistra Energy) contacted Galebreaker because they were having shaft and bearing problems between the fan and gear reducer on their windward side.

Solution / Results

An order was given to Galebreaker in March, 2018 which the customer later revised to include structural verification. Galebreaker also supplied a field survey and technical supervision of the installation in 2019.

Screens were installed on the long and short side to correct the problems. Galebreaker was also contracted to analyze the structure which was determined to need additional stiffening.

Absolutely, no complaints. The job got done safely, on time, and it looks great!

Peter Dumaine, Maintenance Manager at Blackstone