Plume Abatement

By combining industrial, rolling, engineered fabric screens with the PlumeLogic™ Plume Abatement Control System, Galebreaker can help you maintain the coldest possible water from your plume abated tower all year round, whilst still maintaining plume abatement.

The system works by optimising the flow of air through the wet and dry sections of the cooling tower. This means that in any given ambient condition the maximum airflow possible is diverted through the wet, more efficient section of the tower. Conversely the system also ensures that plume abatement is maintained, but with the smallest airflow possible.

Take a look at how this could help you generate more throughout the summer!

Evaporative cooling towers reject heat into the atmosphere in the form of warm saturated wet air, the larger the heat rejection the more water will be rejected into the environment, and in the right conditions this water vapour will form visible clouds above the cooling towers. Think of it as nothing more than when you breathe out on a cold day, the moisture in your breath cannot be absorbed by the cold air outside of your body quickly enough, so water droplets are formed, which reflect light creating visible plume. On a large scale this could be considered as a safety concern, where plume may ground near equipment creating wet and potentially icey surfaces, it could obscure visibility on roads or around airports, or people just don’t like the look of it!

Whatever the reason, a greater degree of plume control can be achieved by installing air side dampers, which can vary the airflow into a cooling tower reducing plume formation or increasing performance.

The Solution

Using manually operated rolling doors to vary the airflow into the cooling towers, it is possible to increase the plume abatement effect of the cooling towers seasonally, so maximum plume abatement could be achieved in the winter and maximum evaporative performance could be achieved in the summer.

This system can be scaled up and utilised on power stations where summer cold water temperatures can be reduced by more than 1°C leading to increased generating capacity in the summer when the price per MW can be higher.


  • Cost effective Plume Abatement Control
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Minimal additional steelwork required.
  • Screens Available up to 60 m
  • ROI Will be realised in increased generating capacity