Debris Filters & Air Intake Screens

Debris Filter
Fixed screen debris filter

Clogging and fouling of internal components caused by airborne seeds, insects, bugs, and debris, restricts the movement of air which results in a decrease in the thermal performance of the cooling equipment. Foreign materials are drawn inside the cooling tower fill and are difficult, time-consuming, expensive and often impossible to remove.

Fouled Fill Cell
Fouled Fill Cell

Galebreaker debris filters and air intake screens are made from strong, weather resistant mesh fabrics which are designed to trap foreign material while maintaining the required airflow for equipment performance. Galebreaker manufacture and install customized fixed and rolling debris filter solutions that can fit to your existing structure.


  • Stops cottonwood, airborne seeds, bugs, leaves, pine needles, birds and debris
  • Easily cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum
  • Prevents clogging of pump screens, internal components, and heat exchangers
  • Increases HVAC, light industrial, petro-chemical, and power plant performance
  • Reduces on-site maintenance and cleaning and lengthens equipment life
  • Screen assemblies up to 70 meters wide (230ft) and 5 meters high (16ft)
  • Either manual or automatic systems
  • Standard and extreme saline specifications

Cooling systems come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from very small light industrial coolers as small as a fridge to cooling systems that are larger than football fields. Inlet filtration is designed to trap some of the airborne debris in an easy to clean location before it can enter air coolers or cooling towers.

In the case of evaporative cooling, reducing the amount of nutrients that are drawn into the circulating water can help to reduce the tendency to foul the fill pack and so reduce the chemical demand associated with killing bugs because their food source has been reduced.

Example Installation

A facility in Europe installed some large cooling towers that required filtration on air inlets measuring 30m long x 3m tall. Using a single rolling system the complete air inlet face on a number of cooling towers were covered with a filter that can be simply manually rolled away by a single operator for access. The screen remains tightly contained so there is no risk that it could be blown into other equipment or damaged.