Case Studies and Published Articles

Dry Cooling Case Studies

Case StudyCategoryAuthorLink
Rio Bravo (Falcon Group) Wind Screen Project and PI Data AnalysisThermalHector Moctezuma - Falcon Group and Cosimo Bianchini – ErgonPDF
Caithness Case Study

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PDF will work best if you download it
MechanicalGary Mirsky – GalebreakerPDF*
Kings Lynn Case StudyThermalKing's Lynn & GalebreakerPDF
Coryton Case StudyThermalCoryton & GalebreakerPDF
Coryton & Kings Lynn SummariesThermalKing's Lynn, Coryton
& Galebreaker
Mystic Station
Installation on Unit 8
ThermalExelon GenerationPDF
North Battleford Case StudyMechanicalNorthland PowerPDF
North Bay
Vacuum v Wind Speed
ThermalAdrian Melhuish – Consultant.PDF
Spalding Power Station UKMechanicalIndustrial Energy
Surveys Ltd
Apex Generating Station – Summary for ACCUG
Conference. Wind Screen effect on performance,
before and after, and comparison with CFD
ThermalGary Mirsky – Galebreaker
Cosimo Bianchini – Ergon
Mitch Frumkin – Kipcon
Apex Generating Station –
Windscreen Effects
on Performance and Structure,
Comparison with CFD
ThermalGary Mirsky – Galebreaker
Cosimo Bianchini – Ergon
Mitch Frumkin – Kipcon

Drone Video
Wind Screen Effects on Structure
StructuralMitch Frumkin, Kipcon.PDF
Introduction to Air Cooler Issues Solved with Galebreaker Wind Screens.

CFD Analysis to Optimize Performance Improvements for an Air Cooler.
GeneralGary Mirsky

Cosimo Bianchini


Dry Cooling Published Articles

Windscreens improve performance, reduce O&M cost of ACCsSteven C Stultz, Consulting Editor Combined Cycle JournalPDF
CTI Code Tower Standard Specifications (extract)

Gear Speed Reducers for application on Air Cooled Condensers
Cooling Technology InstitutePDF
The Use of Wind Barriers to Mitigate the Effect of Wind on Air-Cooled CondensersExcerpts from the California Energy Commission Report 2016

Prepared by: Maulbetsch Consulting
Wind Loads on Fan Blades
& Blade Dynamics
Cofimco FansPDF
Caithness Research ProjectHowden FansPDF
The Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF) Annual CTOTF/POWER Innovation Excellence awards 2020Power MagazineFull Article
Modifications at Rio Bravo and Optimizing Windscreen CombinationsSteven C Stultz, Consulting Editor Combined Cycle JournalPDF