Analysis & Smoke Testing Services

CFD & Smoke Testing Services

  1. CFD Services

    The Galebreaker Performance Improvement Study

    Performance Improvement Study

    Data Required:
    • Power Station PI data for 12 months
    • Fan and heat exchanger data sheets
    • ACC General Assembly drawing
    Possible Parameters:
    1. Different wind screen configurations
    2. Different fabric porosities
    3. Additional wind speeds/directions
    Analysis Options:
    1. Fan flow rate improvement
    2. Performance improvement (vacuum / MW)
    3. Entire power plant simulation
    4. Follow up consultation

  2. Site Survey & Smoke Test Service:

    Site Survey – agreed number of days on site to suit requirements:
    • Crosswind velocity measurements
    • Smoke test
    • Customized smoke testing service based on your criteria. This can be arranged through our UK or US offices.

CFD Analysis for Mitigating Wind Effects on ACC Performance – Example

Powerpoint Presentation (download)

Smoke Test Example Without Windscreens

Smoke Test Example With Windscreens