ACCs & Crosswinds

The Effect of Crosswinds on an Unprotected ACC

The impact on mechanical equipment
  • Dynamic fan blade loading
  • Changes in fan static pressure
  • Stresses on mechanical equipment
  • Fan, gear reducer and motor damage
  • High maintenance costs
The impact on the ACC
  • Wind shear
  • Increases in back pressure
  • Reduction in airflow
  • Increased recirculation
  • Decline in thermal power

The Galebreaker Solution

Wind Screen Benefits
  • Stabilizes fan static pressure
  • Reduces wind shear
  • Significant reduction in mechanical stresses
  • Recirculation reduction
  • Reduces dynamic fan blade loading
  • Thermal power gain
Wind Screen Construction
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Up to 120 mph wind rating
  • UV stabilized
  • Flame retardant
  • Rot proof


Correct specification of your Wind Screen system is essential if the maximum performance of the ACC and fan equipment is to be achieved.


Galebreaker’s CFD service is specifically designed to model your ACC characteristics and surrounding plant layout. We can provide the best Wind Screen configuration based on fan flow rate performance, re-circulation reduction, fan blade pressure fluctuation and optimal thermal power gain extracted at the bundle.

Site Survey

Our survey takes place at your site. We gather all the necessary measurements and requirements needed in order to prepare your project drawings.

Structural Verification

This survey determines whether your existing structure can adequately support the installation of Wind Screens through a review of structural design drawings, structural calculations and wind load calculations.


After performing the above services and consulting with your team, we can choose the optimum porosity of fabric and Wind Screen configuration to maximise performance without overloading the ACC structure.

Afton Fixed System

A 225MW ACC at Afton, USA fitted with a Galebreaker Perimeter Wind Screen.

Kings Lynn Cruciform

Cruciform and Perimeter fixed Wind Screen systems fitted to a 360MW ACC at Kings Lynn, UK. Fabric panels are fixed to the steel uprights and tensioned with high quality ratchet clamps.

Rolling System

A 350MW ACC at Caithness, Long Island, USA fitted with a Galebreaker Retractable Wind Screen system.