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Customized Wind Screens for Air Cooled Condensers. Screens & Filters for Air Coolers and Cooling Towers.

Galebreaker Industrial Ltd have been manufacturing and installing performance improvement solutions around the world for more than 30 years specializing in the provision of customized wind screens for the air cooled condenser market. In addition we offer advice on maximising efficiency on other cooling equipment, particularly air coolers and cooling towers.


Mexico – Monday, October 21 – Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Many thanks to the organisers for a great conference which Galebreaker Industrial was happy to sponsor.

Pictured enjoying a taste of Mexico are, left to right:

Cosimo Bianchini – Ergon Research
Jamie Wilde – Galebreaker Industrial
Oscar Hernandez – Saavi Energia
Jim Baker – Galebreaker Industrial
Hector Moctezuma – Falcon Group

Plume Abatement

Galebreaker can help you to maintain the coldest possible water from your plume abated tower, all year round


Our new 2019 Galebreaker Cooling Solutions brochure is available to view or download here


Retractable Winterization Screens
at a counter-flow cooling tower located in the Chicago area

The power plant had a counter-flow cooling tower which, when we inspected in February 2018, had excessive icing which was causing damage to the wood structural members as well as degrading performance. As a temporary fix the customer had installed tarps to keep the heat in the tower and melt the ice but these had to be removed and reinstalled each year.

Galebreaker supplied a permanent retractable winterization screens solution which could be deployed in the winter and retracted back up in the summer.

The project was a huge success with immediate benefits to the customer: the cost to install and remove temporary tarps was eliminated; with temperatures in the high 20’s F the ice was removed on the structures at the air inlet; performance was improved; no damage to mechanical equipment; complete seasonal protection with quick and easy fully retractable operation.

full story here

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Jamie Wilde
Director (UK)
Cooling Solutions Team Leader
Gary Mirsky
Representative (USA)
Dry Cooling Specialist
Jim Baker
Representative (USA)
Wet Cooling Specialist
Gary Dicker
Representative (UK & Europe)
Wet & Dry Cooling Specialist

Why Use Galebreaker

Over thirty years’ experience in the manufacture, development and specification of fabric technology.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, delivering high performance results worldwide.

Galebreaker are experts in fabric engineered solutions for protection, performance and ventilation.

Galebreaker offer high quality installation and site supervision services.

“I am not worried about Galebreaker’s guarantee; we’ve had a test panel of their product installed for over 6-years without a single issue. I want their material because it is the best in the industry and will outlast everything we are currently using”. Ruben Roman, Xcel Energy.